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We will create a profile page just for you. Here is where you can get a quick view about your stats. Also, this is where you enter and manage your videos.
Tag your Videos
Tagging a move is as simple as tagging a friend. Our one-of-a-kind technology overlays a screen onto your video. As you rewatch, click a few buttons to capture your data.
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Literally See yourself as Data
JitsLab will statistically show which moves are your best, which you are most vulnerable to and your preferred combination. Finally, you can see your own personal completion percentages as well as when your endurance starts to tank.
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Automatically Watch Highlight Reels
Want to see every time you got a submission? What about every time you got close, but didn't finish? Just select your criteria and, within seconds, watch your highlight reel. Watch with your coach to see where you can improve or show it off to your friends.
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